Exercise To Reduce Tummy

Are you finding it difficult to reduce your weight? Are you fed up with your belly fat? If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to go hard to do exercises to reduce tummy fat. Tummy fat makes you annoyed as well as it affects your outer beauty too and if it is not curbed at right time then it can affect long term health. Reducing tummy/belly fat is not a difficult task at all for anyone but only needs a dedication of oneself to focus on reducing tummy fat. 

To reduce tummy fat, you need to work both on exercises as well as on dieting. Depending on any one of them will not help you to reduce tummy fat at all. Following exercises along with proper diet in daily routine will definitely help you for targeting to reduce tummy fat and you can feel the change in your body within just few days after following routine. There are many exercise for tummy fat like crunches, leg raises, side crunches, etc but if someone is going for the first time to reduce tummy fat then he/she need to firstly go for some warming exercises for few days before going for tummy exercises. Warming up exercises helps in increasing blood flow into the muscles that results in decreased muscle stiffness, improve performance of the body and increase flexibility in body. Some of the warming up exercises are - 

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Cycling


Walking is the first step of cardio exercises to reduce tummy fat. It increases the heart rate and metabolism that helps in burning calories around your tummy. Walking not effect only on tummy but effect on the entire body to burn fat. Walking for 45 minutes a day and following the proper health diet will help you in providing the results in just 2-3 weeks.


Running helps in increasing the heart rate and metabolism which results in burning the calories and hence reducing the fat from body. Before following the exact tummy exercises, running will help in warming up all the body muscles to help in improving performance. 


If you are a obese person and can’t go for running then you must try for jogging instead. Jogging is an aerobic exercise that helps in breaking down the excessive fat from the body and helps in staying fit.


Cycling is one of the best cardio exercise that helps in burning calories and hence remove tummy fat. It increases cardiovascular fitness and strengthens bones of the body. It also helps in increasing blood flow to the muscles to decrease stiffness. 
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