How To Get Rid Of Thighs Fat

Happy with your lean belly size but the thighs are a reason for your sadness? Usually most of the women love to hate the thighs fat. Both men and women have some specific areas in their body where fat get deposited, some have fat at tummy area and some at thighs or legs. It is said that it is difficult for women to reduce the fat from their thighs. But nothing is difficult if everything is done perfectly and in a planned manner. 

Like reducing tummy fat, there are also some simple and effective exercises that can help women to reduce their thigh fat easily. Everyone need to follow the combination of proper healthy diet and exercise to lose the thigh fat. If you are serious about dropping the thigh fat, read on.

1. Cross Trainer or Stair Master Stepmill - Cross Trainer is like driving a standing cycle. Cross Trainer targets the lower body muscles like calves, glutes, quads and thighs. Spending 20-30 minutes a day on cross trainer can help you to tone up your lower body. It is a very simple exercise to start losing your unwanted thigh fat

2. Running or Treadmill - Running is a cardiovascular exercise that aims to burn the unwanted fat from the overall body. Running increases the metabolism of the body that results in losing the calories and hence fat from the body. If you prefer running on incline surface or on inclined treadmill will affects the more on your thighs and legs.

3. Squats - Squats is one of the best exercise that targets the thigh muscles. It is very easy to perform and effective to tone up the thighs muscles.

How To Do- 

1. Stand Straight with your feet hips width apart and hands in front of your chest.
2. Now lower down your body in a a sitting position by bending your knees and keep the upper body straight.
3. Straighten your legs and back to the starting position.

4. Lunges - Lunges is another effective exercise that only targets the thighs muscles. Similarly like squats it tone up the thighs muscles so fast.

How To Do- 

1. Stand Straight and always keep your upper body straight.
2. Now step forward with your one leg and lower your hips until both knees are bent at 90 degree angle.
3. Then step forward with your other leg.

5. Knee Plank - Knee Plank target on gluten and hamstrings muscles. 

How To Do-

1. Get into the position such that your arms and knees rest on the floor.
2. Now extend your one leg backward with your toes pointing towards the ceiling and extent your opposite arm parallel to the floor.
3. Back to the starting position and repeat the same on other side.
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