How to get rid of your tummy side fat

Are you struggling to get rid of tummy side fat? Is tummy side fat your biggest problem right now? Is it giving you sleepless night? If yes, then you need to make some efforts to get the figure you dream of. No doubt, side fat looks so unappealing and aesthetically displeasing.

Working hard and with full dedication on your side will surely give you the results. If you thought of only going for dieting to reduce tummy fat or weight reduction, then you are wrong. If you go for both dieting and exercises then Dieting and exercises both will contribute to burn belly fat but doing any one will never. If you want to reduce tummy fat then you have to workout for at least an hour a day and along with it you must take proper healthy diet. If you are wondering how to reduce tummy side fat by simple exercises, then here we have a list of best exercises that will target your tummy side fat faster.

1.     Dumbbell Side Bends
2.     Side Plank Hip Lifts
3.     Heel Touches
4.     Ball Side Bend
5.     Standing Side Leg Raises
6.     Side crunches

1.     Dumbbell Side Bends - It is a killer move and a stretching exercise that target your side fat fast.

      How To Do-
1.     Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight with your feet hip width apart.
2.     Now bend your waist to your left side as low and dumbbell should go below the knee.
3.     Back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
4.     Repeat the exercises for 3 times with 20 reps on each side.

2. Side Plank Hip Lifts - This is very effective exercise for toning your oblique muscles.

       How To Do-

1.     Get into the side plank position with your elbow hips and legs touching the ground.
2.     Now raise the lower half of your body up off the ground.
3.     Come back to starting position.
4.     Repeat 15 reps on each side(Right and left).

3. Heel Touches-

      How To Do - 
1.     Lie on your back with your knees bend and feet flat on ground and arms by your side.
2.     Lift up your head, neck and shoulder blades off the ground.
3.     From this position, touch your right heel with right hand and then left heel with your left hand.
4.     Continue alternating and repeat the exercise for 3 times with 20 reps on each side.

4. Ball Side Bend- This is a stretching exercise that target and tone your side fat.

      How To Do-
1.     Stand straight with your feet hip width apart and put your arms stretched up in the air holding the ball.
2.     Now move the upper body and arms to the left side.
3.     Come back to the starting position and repeat the same on the right side.
4.     Continue alternating 3 sets on 15 reps on each side.

5. Standing Side Leg Raises

      How To Do- 
1.     Stand Straight and hold something if you think you can lose balance while performing it.
2.     Now raise your right leg up to the side.
3.     Bring back but don’t touch the ground and repeat the same.
4.     Repeat the exercise for 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.

6. Side Crunches

      How To Do-
1.     Lie down on the floor with your feet on the floor.
2.     Put your hand behind your head.
3.     Now lift your your right shoulder blade towards the left and bring your left knee towards it
4.     Then back and repeat on other side.
5.     Continue alternating 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.
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