6 Things That Make You Gain Tummy Fat

Excess of tummy fat is the main problem that is escalating rapidly. 3 out of 5 people are suffering from this serious issues. Excess of tummy rat is extremely unhealthy for everyone. But having overweight does not necessarily being unhealthy but normal weight people with excess of tummy fat is considered to be unhealthy. 

Also excess tummy fat is a risk factor for ample of diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Reducing tummy fat isn’t impossible at all but one need to control over the various things that are responsible for gaining tummy fat. 

Mentioned below are 6 things that make you gain tummy fat-

Alcohol have very devastating effect on human health. Being unhealthy is has many harmful effects. It get absorb in blood stream that slowly affects each and every part of the body.

High amount of alcohol may lead to inflammation, heart attacks, liver damage and other health problems. Calories from alcohol gets stored as tummy fat which slowly results into large tummy size. Consuming less alcohol leads to small tummy size as that of who consume daily in large amount.

Trans Fat
Trans fats are those that are created by an industrial process. It is created by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils and unsaturated fats.  

Trans fats are also used to extend shelf life of various foods. Like Alcohol, it also causes inflammation, heart diseases and other health diseases and also stores fat as tummy fat.

Low Protein and Fibre Diet
Both protein and fibre increases metabolism that reduce calories intake which results in burning fat from tummy. 

Studies show that people consuming low protein and fibre results in gaining tummy fat over the long time and those who consume in high amount are least likely to have tummy fat.

Less Physical Activity
People with less physical activity are more likely to have large size tummy fat. Physical activities helps in burning calories from the body that results in reducing extra tummy fat.

Less physical activity later leads to obesity which gets bit difficult to reduce for everyone. Most of the children nowadays suffers from obesity because they are indulged more in indoor games, Watching TV’s instead of playing outdoor games.

Genetics is one of the major factor in gaining weight. Science shows that genetics plays a major role in obesity.

Genes are not always responsible for overweight but in some cases genes are needed for a person to be overweight. Genes increases susceptibility for obesity.

Improper Sleep
Sleep plays a major role in everyone’s health. Scientific study shows that getting less sleep eventually leads to weight gain.

People suffering from sleep disorders may lead to weight gain also sleeping for more than 8 hours makes the person lazy which leads to unschedule diet plan that ultimately leads to more weight gain.
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