How To Reduce Overall Body Fat With Simple Steps

Losing Body Fat is not the easiest task at all. More the person is persistent to exercise, the harder this stubborn body fat is to lose. Losing fat is a combined process of calories consumption and calories burning. Ratio of consuming calories and burning them should be maintained according to the work.

Every person out there has only one goal of getting into the perfect shape but burning fat is their biggest challenge. You have to burn more calories than you take in just to reduce the unwanted body fat. People thought of losing a significant amount of body fat in just limited days, though isn’t impossible only if they know the right way of losing it. Proper healthy diet and workout can result in relatively large weight loss in limited time. 

Below are few easy and most effective way to lose overall body fat. Anyone out there can opt them to see result in just few weeks. 

Aerobics and Workout

For an overweight person, simple aerobics and cardiovascular exercise would probably the best start to burn fat. Cardiovascular exercise increase the blood flow in the body the strengthen the muscles so that your body do not go under stress or pain at early stage.

Consume Less Calories

Losing body weight is nothing just burning of calories from the body. Consuming the right amount of calories can eventually help in reducing the body fat and weight reduction. Calories consumption depends on your daily routine work. Consuming less calories than you burn will definitely gives you the best result.

Eat More Fibre and Protein

A scientific research has shown that fibre and protein can boost up the fat burning process by 30%. Eating a lot of fibre and protein can help you to fight with fat. Your body needs fibre and proteins to maintain your body muscles and to provide you energy that you require to burn the fat from the body.

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HIIT Workout

HIIT is high intensity interval training workout. As a name suggests, high intensity means a workout that follow faster work rate of few intervals. High intensity interval last only for 20-30 seconds of the entire session. 

Stomach and Core Exercise 

Exercises like Crunches, Leg Raises, Mountain Climbing, Jumping jacks, Plank etc focus on stretching and building stomach muscles. Working on stomach and core exercises will help you burn more fat from the stomach.

Drink Cold Water

Drinking more water keeps your metabolism moving. Drinking cold water burn more calories to bring the water temperature to the normal body temperature. It is also the best way to burn fewer calories without working out. Drink a lot of water.

Green Tea or Black Coffee Before Workout

Green tea and black coffee  increase the metabolism of the body that increases the body’s ability to burn the fat. Caffeine in them helps to mobilise fat so that body can use it and burn for energy. Moreover they provides antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory protection.
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