Best Exercises To Increase Height

There is no denying the fact that everybody want to be tall. A good height enhance the personality of an individual. We all know our height is defined by genetics i.e, it mostly depends upon our parents genes. Everyone out there is wishing to escalate their height at any cost and people still living in dilemma that there height could not boost as they are past 18 but there are many things that can help you to increase your height even after 18.

People usually adopt wrong practises like height gainers, capsules to increase their height as fast as possible but they affects their entire body and can also ruin the personality of a person. Moreover, people start lifting heavy weights at gym’s at an early age which eventually stops increasing the height of a person. 

Combination of daily routine exercise as well as proper healthy nutritional diet can help you to boost your height naturally. Particular exercises for height will help you to increase your height easily and the proper diet will provide the strength to your muscles which ultimately is responsible for gaining height.

Best Exercises To Increase Height Easily

Hanging Exercise

How To Do-

For this exercise you need a bar fixed about 7 feet high.
- Hold the solid bar as long as you can and extend your body properly.
- If your body can’t fully extend then try bending your knees to hang freely.
- Repeat it for 4-5 times.

Cobra Stretch

How To Do-

Lie on your stomach on a mat with your hands placed perpendicular on the floor.
- Make sure your spine is arched and expand your legs and toes. 
- Now, exhale and arch back as far as possible for 15-20 seconds.
- Repeat the same for 4-5 times.

Forward Spine Stretch/Seated Toe Touch

How To Do-

Sit straight on mat with your legs stretched about shoulder width apart in front.
- Bend forward and extend your arms and try to touch your feet.
- If you can easily touch your toe, then you can stretch even more for about 10-15 seconds
- Repeat the same for 4-5 times.


How To Do-

Stand straight with your legs hip width apart.
- You can set a target about 2-3 feet high than your height if you want.
- Jump continuously and try to touch the target for about 2 minutes.

Pilates Roll Over

How To Do-

Lie down on your back with your arms by your sides.
Stretch your legs straight.
- Now roll and bend your legs backward and try to touch the ground.
- Stretch as much as you can.


Basketball is a outdoor sports that helps in the growth of overall body muscles. It helps in increasing heart rate which eventually increase the blood supply in the body. It is similar to a stretching exercise that includes jumps, dunks and running which gradually helps in increasing your height. Start playing the basketball games regularly. You will see the positive results soon.
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