Diet Plan To Reduce Weight In 1 Month

Do you think workout in gym is suffice? What you think only sweating in gym for long hours can help you reduce weight? If your answer is yes, then I would like to clear your confusion that working out for long hours isn’t sufficient if you have no control on your diet or you do not follow a proper healthy diet.

Like it is said, we can clap with single hand, similarly we can’t reduce tummy fat or body fat by just following the daily routine workout plan. You can achieve your goal of weight loss with just following one of them. Diet plans are made just to lower the calories intake that you used to consume it on daily basis. Consuming much calories eventually lead to more fat and weight and even to health issues like high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, diabetes and obesity. These diet plans are provided by the experienced dietitian to reduce the body fat and weight in just 1 month.

Diet Plan for First and Second week

9 AM   - 1 Banana or Apple

10 Am - Green Tea / Black Coffee

11 Am - GYM / Fitness Centre 

12 Noon - 1 Glass Juice (Without Added Sugar)

1 PM(Lunch) - 2 Cucumber or 2 Carrot

3-4 PM - Skimmed Milk + 1 Apple

6 PM - 1 Orange/Pear/Papaya

9 PM - Salad or Green Vegetables

10 PM - Hot Water

Diet Plan for Third and Fourth week

8 AM   - 1 Glass Mixture of Lemon and Ginger Water

9 AM   - Green Tea / Black Coffee

10 AM - Gym

11 AM - 1 Glass Juice (Without Added Sugar)

12 Noon - Oats and Curd

2 PM - Salad and Boiled Vegetables

4 PM - Skimmed Milk + 1 Apple

6 PM - Any Fruit( Orange/Apple/Pear/Papaya)

8 PM - 100 Gram Cheese

10 PM - Boiled Cinnamon Water
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