Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of the oldest sweet, viscous food substance on earth that is produced by bees and some other related insects. Interestingly, honey is amongst the most popular and globally used sweetener with multifarious health benefits. Moreover, honey is used in preparing many traditional medicines like Ayurveda. Consuming honey daily in small amount can be prove really good for the health benefits of an individual. 

Various Popular Types of Honey

- Buckwheat
- Maneka
- Clover
- Alfalfa
- Blueberry
- Orange Blossom
- Wildflower

Health Benefits of Honey

Weight Loss

Although honey has more calories than sugar but when honey is taken with warm water or lemon or cinnamon it helps in digesting and thus removing the unwanted fat stored in your body and hence reduces the weight.

Cough Treatment

Honey can be used as best home remedies for controlling dry and wet cough. Especially for kids, 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with ginger gives relief from the cough and hence maintain there health.

Improves Athletic Performance

Honey is an perfectly ergogenic aid and helps in enhancing the performance of athletes. Honey helps in maintaining glycogen and blood sugar levels after the workout of athletes.

Natural Sleeping Aid

Honey is the best solution for the people who have trouble in falling asleep on time. Drinking warm milk mixed with honey just before bed will assist in falling sleep in some time naturally.

Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

Antioxidants and flavonoids included in honey help reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Consuming 1 tablespoon daily reduces the risk of heart and other diseases as well.

Improves Skin

Honey have anti-bacterial qualities with are useful for improving skin and also it can be moisturising and nourishing when used with other useful ingredients. Moreover, it is very effective in healing the wounds and burns on the skin.

Cures Eye Ailments

Owing to anti-bacterial properties, honey can help in curing eye diseases such as corneal ulcers of inflammatory and traumatic origin and ulcerative blepharitis.
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