5 Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Everyone of us has a hair loss scare. There is no specific age when we start losing hairs. It’s normal to lose 20-50 strands a day but more than that can be considered as an issue. Shedding hairs can be more than a nightmare for losing self confidence and there may be many reasons for which people especially women are facing a hair loss problems. If you have been experiencing hair fall and finding the solutions to prevent them falling then you are at a right place. Today we will discuss about the preventive method that could be taken to stop or reduce hair fall.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

The major reason behind hair loss is tight hairstyles that pull the hairs. Generally, most of the women try different hairstyles on daily basis and few of these hairstyles include tight ponytails, braids and cornrows that cause hair loss. Tight hairstyle causes stress that pull the hairs from hairline and result in hair loss. Instead, you can tie them loosely with rubber bands or braid loosely so that it does not pull your hairs.

Use Right Comb

There been various kind of combs available in the market of different materials but combing your hairs with wrong material comb can be a nightmare when dealing with hair loss. So, it will be good for everyone to use the right comb to prevent hair loss. Using a wooden wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair will surely help in reducing hair fall and can use your own regular thin-tooth comb or brush after this. 

Avoid Comb When Wet

Most of the people untangle or comb their hairs just few minutes after washing their hairs so that it can get dry fast but this is the wrong thing and time to do it. Yes you read it right because when your hair are wet they are at vulnerable stage and combing at this stage escalates the chance of breakage and continuous combing wet hairs every week will definitely lose your strands in great amount.

Use Towel Rather Than Dryer

It is often seen that people nowadays have no time so they prefer using machines to do their task in few minutes or even seconds. Similarly, people use dryers to dry their wet hairs fast  but they don’t know drying hairs with dryers make their hairs week. Dryer produce heat to dry your hairs but that heat makes you hairs weak from scalp as well and weakening of hairs from means breaking of hairs. Instead using dryers, use towel to dry it and then give your hairs some time to let them dry naturally.

Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is one of the best way to grow length of your hairs and enhancing the strength of roots of your hairs. Coconut and almond oil are preferably good oils to massage your scalp than other oils. Warm some oil and apply it on your scalp and massage it with fingertips as it get penetrates into the hair roots of the scalp easily and increases the blood flow to the hair follicles, enchanting the strength of roots.
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