7 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Fast

Cholesterol is an essential substance for like and is a natural occurring substance made within liver  and other parts of the body for the formation of cell membranes, bile acids, hormones and Vitamin D. Usually, cholesterol is kept in balance but owing to the high amount of fats and carbohydrates in western food, it simply creates imbalance to its level. 

Cholesterol is basically of two types, LDL(low-density cholesterol) often called bad cholesterol and other one is HDL(high-density cholesterol) which is a good cholesterol. 

LDL cholesterol promotes fat in the blood stream and is high in cholesterol which make it bad cholesterol whereas HDL cholesterol assists in reducing excess LDL cholesterol from the blood and is rich in protein and low in cholesterol that makes it good cholesterol. Both of them need to be balanced, increased LDL and low HDL increases risk of strokes and heart attack. Mainly HDL remains somewhat constant and we all need to deal with the problem with increased LDL cholesterol level. Dropping your cholesterol level to 10% means you are dropping the heart attack risk by 20%-30%. 

Tips to Naturally Reduce Your Cholesterol 

Curry Leaf(Murraya Koenigii)

Curry leaf are known to the best solution to lower down your cholesterol level in few days. Eating 3-4 fresh washed curry leaves daily in morning before eating anything really find fruitful in lowering cholesterol level dramatically in short span of time.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits are naturally fibre rich foods which are beneficial in lowering cholesterol level and are healthy for health as well. Vegetables including green leafy vegetables, potatoes, beans all are protein rich food and helps to lower down the bad LDL cholesterol level.


Simple change in your morning meal can be prove really beneficial in lowering your cholesterol level. Oats contains beta-glucan that is a cholesterol buster, it absorbs al the LDL cholesterol which is then excreted by your body. Opting oats as a daily morning meal can lower bad LDL cholesterol by 5% in 5-6 weeks. 


If you are looking to lower down our cholesterol level by eating snack food then almonds and cashew are the best option. Eating small amount of nuts daily for a month drops the cholesterol level by 5-6%. Nuts are high in calories but still are god for heart health so one should not eat them in high amount.

Avoid Saturated and Trans Fat

Reason behind increase in bad LDL cholesterol level are saturated and trans fat. Also, they lower good HDL cholesterol level which increase clotting factor and moreover effect on your cardiovascular health. Avoid eating much sugar, fatty and oily products that targets on cholesterol level.


Excess of body weight is also a reason behind high LDL cholesterol level. Maintain your weight if you have high BMI. Unhealthy body usually results in many other health diseases as well. 
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